Technology Overview

Creating Personalized Regenerative Cell Therapies

Hemostemix’s technology uses a patient’s own cells to treat that patient’s disease. The cornerstone of this autologous technology is a novel cell population within the blood called the synergetic cell population (SCP).

The synergetic cell population, which can be collected from a simple blood draw, consists of progenitor and other supporting cells that are being developed for the treatment of ischemic diseases.

Hemostemix’s proprietary technology includes methods for collecting the synergetic cell population and manufacturing (isolation, enrichment and differentiation) a personalized regenerative therapy that can be administered to a patient within 7 days of the initial cell collection.

Technology Application

ACP-01, which is currently in an international, multi-center Phase 2 clinical trial, has the potential to non-invasively treat patients with severe critical limb ischemia. Treatment with ACP-01 involves extracting and enriching the desired cell population from patient’s blood, and then injecting the modified cell population back into the patient to form new blood vessels in dying tissue.


uses patient’s own cells, no immune rejection, no observed safety issues


cell harvest via blood draw


7 days from draw to administration to patient

Technology Application

Technology Application