Corporate Overview

Hemostemix (TSXV: HEM; OTCQB:HMTXF) is an autologous (patient’s own) stem cell company with a promising break through treatment for ischemia (ischemic cardiomyopathy, angina, peripheral arterial disease including critical limb ischemia).

Hemostemix’s patented technology is based on more than 15 years of clinical data demonstrating the ability of our patient’s cell product to regenerate diseased and damaged ischemic tissue and organs.

Our cost-effective manufacturing platform is designed to generate up to 240 therapeutic batches ($12 Million) per month from one manufacturing cell and scale by 240 treatments with each additional manufacturing cell.

ACP-01, our lead clinical stage candidate, like NCP-01 and CCP-01, is generated from the patient’s blood.

Welcome to Hemostemix Inc. 

Your Fountain of Youth is your stem cells. Drawn from your blood, differentiated into our patented product and reintroduced into your heart, lungs, limb, by your physician seven days later, is ACP-01.  As it forms new neovascularization, creating new circulation where the body signals it needs regeneration, ACP is Your Fountain of Youth. It’s why we globally trademarked “Your Fountain of Youth!”

Enjoy the journey. Join me, and join us, other management, the board and certain advisers, as shareholders!  I think you’ll be very pleased you did in the fullness of time. 


Thomas A. Smeenk 

CEO & Cofounder

Hemostemix Inc.
Suite 1150, 707 7th Ave SW
Calgary, AB