Welcome to Hemostemix Inc.

Hemostemix is an autologous (patient’s own) stem cell therapeutics company that holds 91 patents on the derivation of three stem cell lineages from the patient’s blood, including angiogenic cell precursors (ACP-01), neuronal cell precursors, and cardiomyocyte cell precursors. ACP-01 have been used as a treatment of 500 subjects, studied in including clinical trials, and aredemonstrated to be completely safe and effective as a treatment of Angina, Dilated and Ischemic Cardiomyopathy, Peripheral Arterial Disease and Critical Limb Ischemia.

Drawn from your blood, differentiated into ACP-01 and reintroduced into your heart by your physician seven days later,for example, ACP-01 forms new circulation where the body signals it needs regeneration. It’s why we globally trademarked “Your Fountain of Youth!”

Hemostemix Inc. has two wholly owned subsidiaries, Kwalata Trading Limited (IP Hold Co.) and PreCerv Inc. PreCerv holds a global field of use license to ACP-01 & NCP-01 for the treatment of conditions of the central and peripheral nervous system.

Call me (905-580-4170) to discuss joining management and directors as a shareholder. We have greater than $8 Million invested. I think you will be very pleased in the fullness of time.

“In a phrase our trademark, Your Fountain of Youth, explains both the therapeutic benefit of ACP-01 and our business model,”