Kristin Gulka, CPA, CA

Consulting CFO

Kristin has more than 10 years of financial, accounting and leadership experience.  She has worked in a variety of industries as well as public and private companies, including 3 years at a public biotech company (SemBioSys Genetics Inc.) conducting phase I and II clinical trials.  Kristin was named to the National Honour Roll (Vic Dzurko Honour Roll) when she completed her Uniform Final Exam, the UFE, (now known as the Common Final Examination or CFE) in 2006 and went on to achieve her Chartered Accountant designation in 2007.  She also holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) degree from the University of Calgary.  Over the last 7 years, Kristin has progressed through increased roles in the finance department of Ferus, a Calgary-based company specialized in the production, storage and supply of liquid nitrogen (N2), liquid carbon dioxide (C02), liquid natural gas (LNG), and compressed natural gas (CNG) for the energy industry in both Canada and the United States.